Looking for a digital voice recorder

Hello. I’ve become overwhelmed looking at different recorders, and I thought I would finally just seek help.

I’m looking for a recorder with the following features:

  • To be mostly used to record interviews, but it would be nice if it could also record high quality musical performances as well.
  • Has some kind of voice activated mechanism.
  • Has the ability to index/bookmark files.
  • Has the ability to insert comments over/into interviews (preferably without altering the original recording).

I’m not sure if such a device exists, but if it does and you know what it is, please help me!

Thanks so much.

Many people on and off the forum like the Zoom recorders. Search the forum and Google.


Stumbled across my own solution: Olympus DS-2400. Seems to fit all my criteria.

Does the Olympus use a proprietary format? Can you get the files off of it onto your computer?

– Bill

From the Olympus website:

“Recordings are saved in the high-quality DSSPro format and users have the choice of various recording modes including the new extra-high-quality QP mode. … Files can be downloaded quickly and easily to a PC or Mac via Hi-Speed USB and integrated in the office workflow thanks to the included DSS Player software.”

i.e. you can download the files to your PC, but you will need a separate converter to convert them to WAV or other standard formats, if you want to edit them in Audacity (or any other audio editing program). Googling DSSPro returned links to a number of sites offering converters.


Well… Maybe too late for chipacles,… but who knows if someone else stumbles upon this thread:
the tascam DR-100 could help you for 3 out of 4. I don’t believe there’s capability for the “overdubbing”,… but the rest is available.
What I thought was super is the possibility to connect two external mics (2x xlr entry),… so your options for mic quality are open.
The built-in mics to choose from:

  • 2 condensors directional: i was pretty impressed with the result, though an external XLR connected (even phantom powered if needed) XML-990 (LDC mic) accompanied with a Shure SM58… (more cables, and stuff to take with of course). impressed me even more.
  • 2 omni-directional. the omni… I would leave for what it is…

recording can be selected among different formats (WAV/MP3) and quality
I believe in all formats though there’s a high-top on 16kHz.