Long Time to exporting ac3

hi guys,
my problem is a long time for exporting audio ac3, why ???

USE 2.4.1
before the update in 5/8 minutes and now 20/25… :unamused:

I assume that you are referring to a previous version of Audacity? Which version? Are you comparing both on the same computer with the same Audacity project?

I don’t remember the other version…I upgrade every time…
(ps my ac3 usually is 6ch)

Hmmm I see what you mean

I created a stero 30 minut chirp for AC3 Export

  1. 2.3.3 export takes 19 seconds
  2. 2.4.1 export takes 96 seconnds

The good new is that when I test this on the latest 2.4.2 alpha test build the export time goes back down to 19 seconds again

I suspect this is another symptom of a P1 bug we fixed for 2.4.2 where WAV exports had similarly slowed down.

Windows: WAV Export runs 6 to 7 times slower than on 2.3.3

But thanks for the bug report - much appreciated :sunglasses:


I added an entry to the (closed) bug thread for this:


:smiley: ok thx
I’m whaiting new update


Current forecast/scheduled date is end of this month.