Long recordings saving at 1/4 the time.

Hi my name is Lee and im new to audacity and recording in general.

Small back story. I have moved to a new house and am getting complaints my 2 small dogs are barking non stop when i go to work. I have never had this complaint with them before and they are 8yrs and 5yrs. Not to brush it off i thought i would leave pc recording when i leave the house.

I read some help files when i started but really dont have a clue what i am doing.

I am using windows 10
Audacity 2.1.0
the avg length of recordings is 9hrs.
I export audio to .wav format
Avg file size is 5.8gb
Hard Drive space 350gb

From the help i read this file size was about right for that length of time, so when the files saved i didnt think twice about it. I have just gone back to listen over the files but when i load them up they are showing play length as avg 2.3hrs.
When i start a recording i open audacity hit record, i say the date to see audacity is picking up input and i leave, when i get home i stop the recording go into “View, Fit into Window” which gives me a clear view of when and how long they bark, then i go to “File”, 'Export Audio" (save type - WAV (microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM) and save to a file specifically for this matter.

If anyone could offer assistance that would be wonderful.
Have i lost the full recording lengths?
should i be exporting/importing differently?

I love using audacity as it shows the wave length so it is very easy to pin point when and how long they bark, it is a great program.

Thanks in advance.

There is a file size limit for normal WAV files of 4 GB.
Audacity can handle longer durations than this (subject to sufficient drive space) but the WAV format can’t.
You will need to export in a different format.
As you don’t need high quality for this, I’d suggest that you export as OGG or MP3. Exporting as MP3 requires that LAME is installed (see: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/FAQ:Installation_and_Plug-Ins#How_do_I_download_and_install_the_LAME_MP3_encoder.3F). Audacity has built-in support for OGG so you don’t need anything other than Audacity.

Thank you for your help Steve much appreciated :smiley: