Long Recording saved as many different sound clips

Hi there,
Just used audacity to record one of my 1 hour lectures. But when i went to open it up, 4 diff folders have been created and my recording has been turned into many 6 second clips in each of the 4 folders.

Can anyone help?


I think you must have saved your Audacity project and what you are looking at are the audio files that Audacity uses internally. You should also have a file that ends .aup (or that is identified in Windows Explorer as an Audacity Project file). Open this file with Audacity (launch Audacity and then do File > Recent Files and select it from that list. To get a file that you can play in a media player you need to do File > Export as either WAV or MP3 or whatever file type your media player might prefer.

See this page on projects in the manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Audacity_Projects