Logon Password

Audacity 2.1.3
Windows 7 Home

I would like to change my password. When click on my name both “Logout” and my name are highlighted and I am then logged out.
what am I missing here?

Obtain Audacity from us and no account or password is required: http://www.audacityteam.org/download/.

If you are talking about changing your Forum password, please see this FAQ How do I change my Forum password or e-mail address?.


Weird, the FAQ doesn’t seem to have an entry on changing e-mail address anymore. The place where you usually change your e-mail dadress in phpBB doesn’t let me do any changes. My registered e-mail address is bold and there’s no option to change it. I’m curious because I signed up here long ago and I don’t have access to that e-mail address anymore (provider went bankrupt) so if my password for whatever reason gets reset I’ll be all out of luck. Also, I don’t find an option to view profiles (no access) so I can’t fetch PM links, in that case I could have PM’ed an admin / moderator about this but now I’m pulling this awkward thread necromancy instead. Hopefully someone who can point me in the right direction sees this.

The easiest way to fix this, is for you to re-register with a new name, using your current email address.