Logitech Wireless Headset

Using Audacity 2.0.5

Just purchased a Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Headset and the sound quality is not good (In particular a noticeable thump occurs periodically), which is disappointing since my old Logitech wired headset was perfect.

On the advice of Logitech I tried other software and did not have the same problem and so I’m assuming it to be an Audacity mismatch.

Also, when selecting Playback I get the message: Error while opening sound device.Please check the output device settings and the project sample rate

Finally each operation has a delay before starting

Any ideas before I have to give up and go use other software?

Many thanks


The recording is occasionally skipping a bit as can be seen if you zoom in:

This is caused when a bit of data gets dropped.

I’ve never used bluetooth but taking a quick look on Google skipping/stuttering/hiccups seems to be a very common problem with bluetooth and not specific to Audacity. There is an article here about “skipping” problems, though it does not cover possible bluetooth issues, so it may be worth checking on bluetooth forums as well: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_recording_troubleshooting.html#skips

The first thing that I would try is to reboot the computer, reconnect the headset, then see if the problem is still there.

It means there is a problem with your playback settings.
Check in the device toolbar to see what is set as the playback device, then check in the Windows Sound Control Panel to see if that device is enabled and working.