Logitech Microphone Headset suddenly no longer works

I often use Audacity to record my podcast when I am not able to go into the studio to do it. It has always worked fine with my Logitech microphone headset. I just used it two weeks ago and there were zero problems. I have a PC.

I went to use it on Saturday, and I got a 9999 Unanticipated Host Error. I found advice online in this forum and I followed everything on it including but not restricted to going through the Sound Control Panel settings, uninstalling Audacity and reinstalling it, trying all of the audio host configurations (which I have never touched)…

I have even tried a different headset…a much newer one.

Nothing works.

I have literally not touched my settings in this program at all. I have no idea what the problem could be.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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