Logging All Processes & Changes


Firstly let me apologise for this suggestion if it’s been dealt with elsewhere on the Forum. I did try and search for things like “logging”, but couldn’t find any related information.

My suggetion is this: A means of logging all changes made to an audio file and the processes used / steps taken to arrive at an end result would be very useful to me, as a “log” could then be presented to other “interested parties” involved in the work that I do, so that they may clearly see exactly what I have done, and also enable them to replicate those results should they wish to.

I’m pretty sure a lot of this functionality is already within the build that I use (latest Beta for Windows) because of the “undo” facility, so it’s probably only a quantum leap to implement this feature.

I know some folks might think this suggestion a little quirky, but I do have a real need for it as it would greatly help validate the stuff I produce.

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Very easy to do from a coding aspect. If you choose menu Help > Show Log… you will see that some information (but not what you need) is already logged (the Log can be copy/pasted to a text file). In the code which creates the history a line:
wxStatusLog(wxT(“text: use the same text string used to create the history dialog”));
does the trick (I think–cannot test right now as I am doing a huge Audacity re-compile).

Alternately, but much more code, one could add a button to the View > History… dialog – “Copy” [to clipboard] which would parse the text of the display and put it on the clipboard. This would be nice as the Log has excess-to-needs info which would need to be edited out for your use case.

Hi Edgar,

Thanks for your reply. I think it’s worth doing, but I think it has to be something that has been arrived at by general consensus. I know how valuable it would be to me and others in our particular line of work, but at the end of the day it’s down to the developers such as yourself.

Whichever way it goes, I’ll still be using Audacity :slight_smile:


I am not a member of the Audacity Development Team, just a bystander who tries to help out as I can. I you really need this ability you could compile your own copy of Audacity and add this ability.

Hello Edgar,

If I only knew how :frowning: I’m very much an end user I’m afraid, and I wouldn’t have a clue where to start.


Hi Diablo!

If you want a clue, start with this thread:
(ignore the “having a hard time” in the topic ).

Like all things digital-logical, it is easy if you follow the steps exactly and carefully, the devil is always in those picky details! I could (and would, happily) compile the code and send you a finished executable; but as there is no way for you to know me (trust me) this not a good idea on your part–you have no way to know if my code is malicious. Compiling in one tiny line of code which is obviously safe is not something for even the beginner to fear. If you wish to try I will be happy to work with you until you get it all working!

Hi Edgar,

That would be truly great. What I’m looking for is a textual “record” of what I’ve done to a recording, i.e. what effects / eq’ing etc. that I’ve applied with the settings used for each process. If I could have this saved into a folder I’ve created with a project thus keeping it all together, I’d be a very happy man.

I’ll PM you shortly with my contact details.

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I usually have all the time in the world to futz around with Audacity, but… I started a major security system install last week and have one more day’s work on the mechanicals; after that I will need to set up the computer and internet related stuff. This means that until Sunday or Monday I will have only a few hours a day to play–bummer! Anyway, PM me and I will get you set up either compiling your own code (the best solution) or with a custom build to suit your need.