lock-up when exporting

Windows 10, v.2.3.2

I had just reinstalled my Windows 10, and then all my software. I reinstalled Audacity, then recorded a couple small projects. The first one exported to mp3 just fine, but the second, when I hit the “Export” command, the program completely locked up, without even giving the “(Program not Responding)” cue at the top of the screen. I can only close with the Task manager. Looking at the Preferences>Libraries, it shows the LAME is built in, but could not locate the FFMPEG Library. I downloaded, and confirmed the Library was located, but the problem still persists. I have even uninstalled/reinstalled Audacity a couple of times, same result. What is the issue, and how do I fix it?

That won’t fix anything unless you also select the “Reset Preferences” option during the installation.