lock file start to 0 (zero)

-Audacity 2.2.2, Windows 11 and Ubuntu/Linux-

I’m trying to switch from Sound Forge to Audacity, but there’s one behavior in Audacity that’s driving me a little batty and I can’t figure it out. I’m using it almost purely for editing, not recording. How can I make the very start of the audio file I’m working on always remain locked to the 0.00 point of the Audacity timeline? That booger slides all over the place. I don’t need to be able to grab the whole file I’m working on and slide it back and forth on the timeline and would like to be able to lock it down.

Here’s is a pic of what I mean:

I’m accustomed to working inside a file in Sound Forge, scrolling in and out to zoom, make edits, etc., but my file-start always stays stuck to 0.00 on the timeline. In this example pictured, when I load the file it’s aligned with 0.00, but after I go in and do some zooming around, then hit HOME to go to start of file, it looks like this, and Home take me to 0.00, but the start of the file isn’t there; it’s been shifted.

I can grab the file and pull it over to zero, but is there a way to just always make the start of the file stay pinned to 0.00, so I don’t have to manually pull the file back to zero? I don’t see why it’s detaching from 0.00 in the first place—i.e., what’s the point of that? If I’m doing some rapid edits, zooming in and out, fixing, etc., I just want to click home and play and hear the start of the track.

Thanks for any thoughts.

I don’t know how to lock clips, or why you are talking about 2.2.2,

but in Audacity 3.1.x, if you click in the top bar of a clip, you can drag it. Perhaps you actually have Audacity 3.1.x and perhaps you have been clicking in this name bar and accidentally dragging your clips in this manner.

I guess I’m talking about 2.2.2 because that’s the version I’m running on Linux. On Windows I run the current version, 3.whatever. That part is moot, as the behavior happens in both versions. FWIW, I’m not dragging it by the top bar.