Location for .au files [SOLVED]

Hello everyone,
I don’t know what I did wrong, I received via email an audacity file (.aup) and separately all the data (.au) As I read, the data folder needs to have the same name as the file, for example music.aup and the data contained in a folder named music_data
Problem is that when I double click or try to open the aup file, it tells me that can’t find the data for that file… Where shall I place it? Hor how can I re-name it. I am running on a mac book pro with El Capitan 10.11.4 and Audacity 2.1.2
Much appreciation in advance!

OK. What was supposed to happen is the sender shift-selects both the _DATA folder and the AUP file > Control-click them > Compress 2 Items. That will give you one “zip” file with everything smashed inside.

Email it as an attachment.

It’s a simple matter to unzip the zip file into the original files and folders by double clicking it.

Can this still be done? That will save a lot of work.

This will fail if the composite zip file is too big for the email attachment limit. Is that why it was sent in pieces?

I have to look up how to put the show back together from the pieces. How long do you have? How long is the show?


Attached is a simple, 30 second, mono project _DATA folder. Larger shows are more complicated. The little AU files are intentionally scrambled.

You can find the original show name by opening the AUP file in TextEdit and read it. Look for a listing called projname=".

This is why zipping is pretty desirable. You may not have a show if you don’t.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.15.38.png

Hi kozikowski,
Thank you for your time. :wink: Let me ask the sender to see if they can zip the files together. Because the aup and the data were sent in different files so that is the root of the problem. I will contact the sender and get back to you!
Many thanks!

The .aup file and the _data folder need to be in the same folder/directory.

As Koz pointed out, you should have received the _data folder along with its contents. If you have the correct parts, try putting them in the same folder/directory and see if that works.

– Bill

Thank you Bill Thank you Koz! Yes, I asked the sender to zip both files together and everything came out OK! I appreciate your help :wink: