Locating Project Data folder

I am using Audacity 2.0.2 with latest version of Windows 7. I spent a week recording interviews with Audacity and successfully editing them. But now I cannot open a number of the interviews. I get an error message that Audacity cannot locate the Project Data Folder. I think I may know the reason why I copied their data Project Data Folders to a “Final Project” folder. I did not think this would cause a problem because I did NOT move them.

Question 1: Is it possible that by coping the Project Data Folder of an Audacity file I damaged the original Project Data Folder?
Question 2: How can I resolved this problem and access my interviews?

The AUP file and the _DATA folder of the same name must be in the same place for a project to open. They need to see each other. Any separation like separate folders or directories is lethal.

Copying to a different place is “moving.”