Locating older audio files used in a recording

Hi! i was trying to access an older file for mixing. It has several .wav files, and it was last used on a previous computer a long time ago and an older version of Audacity. The project opens, and all .wav files but one show up. Unfortunately Audacity doesn’t show the full path of the previous location when informing me the file could not be found, so I’m not able to try to recreate the file path. I can see for example it was on drive D, which I don’t have on my current laptop. Silence is added instead, and it’s hard to cut and mix the original file back to its place.

Is there a way that Audacity would let me search for the file and replace it where it was on the file, or at least a way to see the full original file path? The file is located in the same place as all the others and the file name is nothing special, so I’m confused with why all the others work and this one doesn’t. The .wav file works fine when opened on its own.

I’m using version 3.0.2.

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