local radio station being recorded

Hello. I just downloaded Audacity and I’m new to the site. I got it to record some audio over a slide presentation. I hooked up my mic to the computer and started recording. When I finished a test recording, I played it back and what was recorded was a local radio station playing loudly over my voice. What did I do wrong? How can I record my voice and not the radio station? Thanks.

Supposing the source of the radio isn’t your computer, eg, it wasn’t coming from your browser.

It’s radio interference. It’s probably AM radio? Could be the shielding on the mic itself.

What mic are you using and what computer?

Do you have one of these in your neighborhood?


That station is 50,000 watts. Starbucks gets KABC on their toaster.

A movie production got a really good deal on studio space at the bottom of the tower. Unfortunately, they were shooting a talkie. I got called to try and get the DJ and music out of their show.

I couldn’t do it.