Loading existing audacity file

Audacity 2.0.4 doesn’t load a file when double clicking an .aud file. It does open the app but not the data files. One has to go to “FILE” menu and select “OPEN RECENT FILE”. I’m using Mac OSX 10.8.4. I didn’t download the program a second time, but did put the program in the trash and re-installed it. Didn’t Help. http://forum.audacityteam.org/posting.php?mode=post&f=50#

when double clicking an .aud file.

Audacity doesn’t have .aud files. The project manager is an .aup file.

did put the program in the trash and re-installed it.

Audacity can be sticky and I don’t think you generally get the whole thing when you drag the application to the trash.


Desktop > Go > Go To Folder > /Users/koz/Library/Application Support

Put your name in there instead of mine.

Make sure there is no 'audacity" folder in that location.


Sorry about the inaccurate file extension. it is and was an .aup file

Is this topic solved now?
Did Koz’s suggestions work?

HI, Same issue with a different twist.

I have new Mac Mini, 10.8.4, stock everything, fresh install of Audacity 2.0.4. I double click on my .aup project file and in the top bar the info changes to show the Audacity menu in the bar only, but the screen doesn’t change, no new box (not even an empty display box) I can double click multiple times and nothing. I can right click on the project file and use the open command, nothing, use the ‘open with’ command and select audacity and still nothing. The only way to get the project to load is to go in the Audacity menu bar, and select open and navigate to files and open them that way, or if they happen to be in my ‘recent’ list I can select them out of the recent menu in the audacity drop down.

Any idea why some get a blank window with no data and I get nothing at all except for the menu bar at top changing? Any way to fix this?