Loading direct from SD drive not working

I tried to directly load a file from an SD drive which had the correct associations. Windows 10 and Audacity 3.0.0
Audacity loaded just fine but then gave an error which said it could not load a FAT32 file and I must copy to a computer first.
However the same file can be loaded from SD with drag and drop
log.txt (2.42 KB)
mididev.txt (557 Bytes)
audacity.cfg (8.35 KB)
audiodev.txt (8.57 KB)

However the same file can be loaded from SD with drag and drop

Secure Digital device? Model number? Maker?

It’s possible Audacity will never treat that drive as one of its trusted flock. The instant you make Audacity connect directly, it assumes it can use that drive for all of its jobs not just putting on and taking off a file. If it can’t do that, then the transmission may fail.

For example, it has to be able to play a file and record one at the same time, perfectly for overdubbing. I’m guessing that’s not going to work for your device, possibly because of encryption overhead. This is what kills cloud connections. There is no close, stable, reliable connection even though there seems to be.

You can certainly use your device as one of the two separate places to store valuable work against deletion, accidental overwriting, and other damage, but transfer/copy/move work without involving Audacity.


“Flash card”?

What sort of file?

You can “Import” an audio file from a FAT formatted drive, but you can’t work on projects that are on a FAT formatted drive.
FAT formatted drives are prone to fatal errors with large modern database files (which is what Audacity “AUP3” files are), so Audacity does not allow AUP3 files from being opened from FAT formatted drives.

One of the main problems with FAT format is that there is a 4 GB file size limit. Attempting to write a bigger file will corrupt the file permanently. That means that you could be working on a FAT formatted for several hours without any problem, then suddenly, bang - your project is irretrievably corrupted.