Livestream help???

Just a quick question. I do a livestream on, i use a cad u37 mic, is there a way to use audacity for my livestream? I would like it to sound alot more professional. Any help or input would be greatly appriciated!
I use windows7 thanks again

Where and when is the show?

If livestream is actually “live”, no. Audacity doesn’t work in real-time, it edits audio files.

If it’s a recorded program, you can record with Audacity. Then, you can go-back and edit the recording… You can “cut & splice”, mix, adjust levels, adjust EQ, add compression, etc.

Just be aware that if you start editing a show, it’s going to take you at least a half a day to record & edit a half-hour or one-hour program…

Just recording, listening through it once before editing, and once again after editing adds-up to three times real-time. And, that’s not including the actual editing time.

Ok guys thanks for the replys. Do you know any other software that would work? Or should i just splurge on a mixer?
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