Live Venue Recording w/ Scarlett 6i6

I am brand new to live recording and sound, but will be taking on a recording of a two-day fest. I currently have a Scarlett 6i6 for external device, and will be running it to my MacBookPro using Audacity. The lines in will include to XLR condenser mics and a left and right line out from the sound board.


  1. Do I configure Audacity for 4-channels?
  2. Will the separate channels save in four separate files when exported?
  3. Do I need to manually save the files/project to my desired storage drive, or can I configure to do so automatically?
  4. Do I really need the Scarlett Mixing software, or can I strictly use Audacity to record from the Scarlett?

Any helpful hints would be welcomed…appreciate it!


If Audacity presents you with multiple channels in Devices Preferences, I would choose the maximum six channels so that Audacity captures the four you are sending. You can use the [X] on the top left of the track to close the two silent tracks.

Only if you enable “Use custom mix” in Import / Export Preferences .

After you have saved/exported once, Audacity remembers that location, except that if you import an AUP or audio file, the Save Project directory changes to the directory the file came from.

You can read the Audacity Manual (link above) to find out about Audacity features. For example, .