Live Time stretch tool?

Hi, I was just wondering if Audacity could ever possibly have a live time-stretch tool, or one that was assigned to a key instead of having to open the effects menu for every time I want to time-stretch? This would make audio alignment/correction much more efficient.

Audacity does not currently do “live” (real-time) processing, though this is the most popular feature request.

There are technical obstacles to implementing real-time effects in Audacity, but it has been suggested that “real-time preview” could perhaps be implemented. How this would work is that you could call up the effect and adjust the settings while previewing the effect - then when you have the settings as you want them, apply the effect. Would you like your vote added for this (as well as full “real-time” processing)?

Yes, certainly. Even just having a key assigned to bring up the time stretch that is already availible in the effects menu. Thanks!

Votes added.

Do you mean Effect > Sliding Time Scale? You can add a shortcut for this in the Keyboard Preferences . Choose the “Effect” Category then follow the steps in the link in the previous sentence.

Actually the requests

“Real-time effect preview sufficient as a first step”


“Should include applying effects whenever playing or recording/monitoring”

are “supposed” to be mutually exclusive. You did not add any votes to the total, so I had added two votes to the total thinking these were separate votes. :smiley:

It’s up to bat, but I think on the basis of the initial post it seems more representative to count this vote as “Should include applying effects whenever…”. If so, I won’t count the next person who asks only for real time preview or says it’s better than nothing.

Would it be clearer if I removed “as a first step”? I’m a bit worried we may artificially bump the count for “preview” otherwise, whereas I think at the moment it reflects votes by people who don’t really need any more than real time preview.