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Is there a way to automatically modify the recorded input and send it again in another emulated mic ?

I did a quick schema :
And everything of this automatically and in real time. Is it possible with Audacity ?

No, Audacity does not do real-time processing other than “real-time preview” in some effects.

What kind of sound modification? What’s you situation/application? Do you have a PA system or something?

Most DAW (digital audio workstation) software such as REAPER, Cubase, SONAR, etc., can do real-time effects.

Or, you can search for a [u]VST Host[/u], which can host a variety of VST effect plug-ins. ([u]VST[/u] is the most popular effect plug-in protocol and you can find lots of free or commercial VST effects.)

But, there is always some latency (delay) through the computer* and some effect plug-ins add more delay. And, it can sometimes be a pain getting the delay down to an acceptable level.

The best solution for “live” real-time use is a hardware effects box ([u]example[/u]).

Note that most of these effect boxes are line-level. That is, they are connected after the mic preamp (or they are plugged into an effect-loop on a mixer, etc.).

The same would be true for a computer solution… Computer’s and USB audio interfaces don’t have microphone-level outputs. There are a few with microphone inputs and mic-level outputs, and of course there are tons of effects/pedals designed for guitars. Oh… Anything with a mic input is going to be designed for a stage/studio mic (balanced low impedance with an XLR connector) and it won’t work with a computer mic.


  • With a multitasking operating system there MUST be input and output buffers (like storage tanks) for audio or video, and these buffers MUST introduce a delay. And, your computer is always multitasking, even if you are running only one application.

Ok, thanks for your answer, it looks like that I want to do isn’t possible for Audacity.

But I think of another software, and : is it possible to record the sound of the computer, with a plugin or something ?

To record the sound of the computer (Windows Vista or later), use “WASAPI loopback”. See:

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