Live Dj set sounds glitchty when I hit record.


I have installed the latest Audacity on a HP Pavilion laptop running windows 10. I’m trying to record a live dj set: two turntables, mixer using Traktor Audio 6. Audacity is able to pick up the sound and I see the music waves, but every time I hit the record button, the music turns glitchy and skips randomly. When it’s not recording, the audio sounds fine through the headphones. Only when I hit record does it lose it’s fidelity.
Please help! Thanks!

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 17.36.46.png
Windows 7 or later doesn’t count. The software has to say Windows 10 compliant. Win10 is not a graceful extension to the Windows heritage. It’s new and drivers have to be written for it.

That and Audacity is 32-bit, not 64, so right away, you have two different generation audio apps on your unsupported computer. I would resolve that first.

If Audacity is watching the computer playback system to get the sound to record, that’s also something which can get unstable with unsupported or out of date drivers. You have contradictory jobs. Traktor thinks it’s playing sound to the computer audio out to the club sound system, but Audacity is grabbing it so it can be recorded and also plays it out to your headphones. That’s two different playback systems struggling through the same digital channel.