Live concert The Gathering sounds with a tube effect?

Hi Guys,

I am about to digitize a live concert of The Gathering with Audacity 6.0 and version 273.
Recorded with a MD portable recorder in the late nineties :slight_smile:
The recording has been done with a microphone and it has a strange kind of tube effect that i want to find a solution for.
You can compare this effect when you play similar vinyl records at the same time and then you hear this tube effect.
Is there a function in Audacity that can remove this tube effect?

Have a great day!

Regards Robin

Do you mean Adobe Audition 6.0?
If so, then this is the wrong forum. The Adobe Audition support channel is here: Adobe Audition Learn & Support

My bad…
I’m sorry :blush:

Sounds like a comb-effect, Acon DeFilter plugin can reverse that …
It’s not free, but you can try the crippled demo version for free which will show the kind of equalization you need to apply.