Live Broadcast Console

If there is one out there, let me know. I have not been able to find a piece of software that works like an audio broadcast console for podcasts or Ustream. I’d like the computer to accept several microphones, have gain, EQ, compression and limiting adjustable for each or at least for program mix, with the output going to a podcast or Ustream data stream. This would allow getting good broadcast sound with the podcast or Ustream picture. This is realtime broadcasting, not recording. Since it is a webcast, some delay is acceptable. Thanks.

Audacity will not do anything in real time except Record, Playback, and Sound Keyed Recording. It’s a post production tool.

What happened when you googled some of those requirements? “Podcast Audio Console.” I can’t believe that’s not available. People show up here all the time waiting Audacity to do that.

You left out Skype interviews.


Have a look at Power Mixer (for Windows):