Little or Big Endian samples? asking for a plugin

Hi to all from Italy (so pls forgive my poor english).

I’ve just downloaded Audacity 'cause i’m trying to capture the soul of my old, now dead '90 synth in the digital world.
So (working in an electronic lab) i’ve dumped the two sample ROMs in two files.
Now i want to rebuild the samples and make a Soundfont of them… and a VST in the future.
Now my problem is that i don’t know how the two ROMs data have to be combined: are they Little or Big Endian data? are they ODD/EVEN values that need to be combined or the ROMs are just one LOW and one HIGH addressed?

I’m not asking these answers to you… i’m telling this story 'cause, after i see the Nyquist plugins, i wonder if there’s some chance to have a plug-in that “merge” the bytes in two “raw” waves in one of the manner i’ve listed above, so i can hear the difference immediatly.

If this matters, my two ROMs are 512K each, so the final result should be a 1M mono wave (dunno the sampling freq… i will discover it after :smiley: )

Thanks to anyone will reply.