Listing artists after I hit Multiple exports . . .

I will record a number of Oldies songs on Audacity. At the end, I rewind to the beginning. Then I position the cursor at the start of each song and click, as to position the label there. Then I hit “Tracks”---->“Add Label at Selection”, and commence to name the song at the label. I do this for all the songs. My problem is after I “Export to Multiple . . .”, I get the AudioMedia, I think that’s what it’s called, box and the song’s already listed in it, and I enter the song’s artist in the appropriate area, hit “add”, then “OK”. I do this for all the songs. But after I burn the CD and insert it into my CD player—the CD player says, “No artist” or something to that effect. How do I proceed to get the artist’s name correctly entered into the Audacity software so that it shows on my CD player? Thank you for your concern in this matter. Ron

You don’t. Audacity is saving metadata to the exported file that is burned to the CD, in the correct standard(s) for that file format, but the CD standard does not recognise the different metadata standards embedded in audio files.

Instead, CD’s have their own standard for metadata called CD-Text. If your burning software and CD burner support CD-Text, you can enter the CD-Text in the burning software prior to burning.


Thank you so much Gale—that makes tremendous sense. It does seem very likely that I can enter artist information within the CD burning program. But with my analyzing mind, I’m wondering then, and I don’t understand the “standards” of which you speak, but it seems that if the metadata standard or whatever standard you were speaking of could incorporate the song’s title at the selection point of the song, why can’t it also incorporate the artist, too? I mean, I entered the song’s title and it was recognized, why wouldn’t also the artist have a place to be recognized? thank you for your concern in this matter.

If you want to enter artist in CD text you have to enter the performer - see

Whether the burning software prefills any CD-Text from the file metadata, or supports any particular CD-Text keyword, is up to your burning software. You can look at to see a list of burning software that supports CD-Text.