listening while recording

EXE file used to load Audacity 2.0.4 to my Windows 7 machine

I am trying to record my voicemail via male to male headphone jack from my phone to my computer. I chose the “line in” versus microphone. The problem I’m having is that the audio is not playing out of my computer speakers at the same time so I can’t hear the prompts or when the vm is complete. Is there a way to listen while I record?


Try enabling “Software Playthrough” (in the Transport menu).
Note that there is a short delay between the sound going in and the sound coming back out - usually around half a second.

Ensure that Audacity is set to record directly from the Line input in the device toolbar and not from “Stereo Mix” or “Sound Mapper”.

Thanks Steve, it was the “software Playthrough” that I was missing. I also had to unplug and replug the jack into the device once I started the sound. I appreciate the assist! :slight_smile: