Listening to recorded track whist recording another

I have recorded a music track on two stereo tracks, but I now wish to record vocals on two new tracks I have added, but I can’t find a way of hearing my original recorded track when I try to record on the new tracks. Any solutions ? Widows 7 system.

I think what you really want is simple overdubbing. You don’t create blank tracks and then fill them with voice. You start with your music track and blank space and Audacity will create new voice tracks as you go.

I don’t think you can easily do two voices in one go without a mixing desk and dedicated microphones, but there’s nothing stopping you from adding one voice and then go back later and add another voice, and then again, and then just keep going.

Fair warning that your computer has to be able to play the music tracks to your headphones absolutely perfectly and record the new voice absolutely perfectly at the same time. I think the instructions still say you need to make sure you can simple record and simple playback before you try all these fancy tricks.

That and there are two overdub levels. Simple Overdubbing is where you sing to the music or backing track. Full Stop. Perfect Overdubbing is where you hear a theatrical mix of the backing track music and your voice in your headphones. Perfect Overdubbing usually takes special microphone systems and interfaces, but you can do Simple Overdubbing with many different computers. You need to be OK with hearing the mix later.


what he said…

Plus, when when you record your new track, if it appends to the old track instead of recording underneath it, undo, then press Shift-Record to start a new track underneath.

I hope this helps. :smiley: