Listening to previous tracks whilst recording

Is it possible to listen to previously recorded tracks whilst recording a new one without the previous tracks being incorporated onto the new track.
For instance if I record a drum machine on one track,I want to listen to that whilst recording a bass guitar on another track,but I dont want the drum machine mixed onto the same track which seems to happen if I click listen to whats recorded in the preference box.

This may be down to what you’ve selected as Audacity’s input. Specific terminology can depend on the particular sound device on your PC, but if you select “Line In”, then only the incoming signal will be recorded to the new track when “Play other tracks while recording new one” is selected. If however you have “Stereo Mix” (sometimes called “What U Hear” on some PCs apparently) then Audacity will record everything onto the new track - mixing the track being recorded with the existing playback tracks.