Listening to one track and recording a second isues

I am trying to do separate recordings at different times but not getting what I want.

Say I want to record a piano track and later I want to record a vocals track to go along with it.

I would want to be able to hear the first track, (using headphones), for timing purposes, and put down a vocal track while listening without overdubbing.

How would I set this up???

Any help with this would be great, g1956j.

In Audacity Preferences, set “Play existing tracks while recording new ones,” and, I think, Hardware Playthrough. That should let you listen to yourself and the old performance while you record yourself.

You’re computer has to be not using “Mix-Out” or “What-U-Hear.” Those two are needed to record internet audio but mess up theatrical recording.

There’s no end of troubles you can have with this system. Let’s see how well you do.


On Windows there is not an option to set “Hardware Playthrough”. Hardware Playthrough is the default and is used if “Software Playthrough” is NOT selected. “Software Playthrough” should NOT be selected, so on Windows it is only “Play existing tracks while recording new ones” that you need to select.