Listening and recording from cassette walkman mono only

Audacity Ver. 2.0.5. Exe.

Howdy Forum~
I’ve received a Panasonic SlimLine RQ-2102, and I’ve connected it to my computer’s Audigy 2 ZS. However, all I get from the monitoring (headphone) port is input from one speaker. Same thing happens when I try to record from my computer onto a cassette, mono records only. Please help.

I’m pretty sure that portable cassette recorder is mono.

Back in the “analog days”, most of those things were mono. There appears to be only one speaker, and the specs I found online don’t say “stereo”.

The Sony Walkman was stereo, but most of them didn’t record.

Cassettes are “mono-compatible”. On a mono machine, the record/playback head is “wider” so that it reads/writes both stereo tracks together.