Listen to guitar you are recording, hear track to accompany guitar

I want to record my bass guitar and hear this whilst at the same time, in the other headphone ear, hear the music I am recording my bass against, in order to keep my recording synchronised. How do I do this

Here is good place to start: Tutorial - Multi-track Overdubbing - Audacity Manual

Thanks but it isn’t overdubbing initially. I need to hear my bass guitar, I’m recording coming through say the left headphone ear, whilst hearing the music I wish to cut it against, coming through the right headphone ear. So I will be recording the bass, but not the music I hear in said right headphone ear. Is this doable in audacity

So you can use a USB mixer and input the guitar on one channel and pan to the left, then put the music on another channel and pan to the right. The output of the mixer will be left and right accordingly and Audacity can record both channels via USB.

I’m using an audio interface as the hardware and Audacity as the software, to record. Can you connect a usb mixer to this setup? Secondly, if so, can you explain how you pan to L or R in Audacity. I only wish to record one channel, the bass, by the way.

Which one ?

For your setup, you would PAN the separate input channels with the mixer, NOT with Audacity. Typically, there is a PAN control located just above the channel fader control for each channel.

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