[Linux] what is the best configure expression

For debugging Linux specific bugs on Audacity’s Bugzilla how should I call configure? On Audacity’s Developing On Linux wiki this is offered:
./configure --with-libvorbis --with-libflac --with-libid3tag --with-soundtouch
Would it be better to do a bog standard:
or is there something better? I know about --enable-debug; I am using a Unicode Release version and the Log commands to output information as I go so I can watch what is going on in real-time (have not yet gotten around to running under a debugger).

I think that is just massively out of date. A default ./configure will generally enable everything that should be enabled.

The standard (repository) Ubuntu build has a couple of differences from a default ./configure

  1. Ubuntu installs in /usr/share/audacity/ rather than /usr/local/share/audacity/
  2. Ubuntu installs libsamplrate and not libresample, whereas ./configure does the opposite.

So if you want an install that is like the default Ubuntu (repository) install, use something like

./configure --prefix=/usr/ --with-libsamplerate

If you want a more “standard” installation, just go for


with whatever options needed for the job in hand (such as --enable-debug)

I presume that you are not involving yourself with FFMpeg for the present?

I’m just trying to clear a bug: http://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=294. It seems to be moonphase for some, the patch provided by OP in https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/lost-keyboard-focus-after-import-ubuntu-patch/17376/1 breaks Windows and my suggestion to make it conditional works for some but not on my VB install of Ubuntu (only thing I have tested on).

I want to recreate whatever Audacity Developers would use to create a “stable” release.

–with-lib-preference whether to use local and/or system libraries, in
order of preference (default=“system local”)
–with-libsndfile which libsndfile to use (required): [system,local]
–with-expat which expat to use for XML file support:
–with-libsamplerate use libsamplerate instead of libresample for sample
rate conversion. Do not use in conjunction with VST
plug-in support!
–with-libresample use libresample for sample rate conversion: [yes,no]
–with-libvorbis use libvorbis for Ogg Vorbis support
–with-libmad use libmad for mp2/3 decoding support
–with-libflac use libFLAC for FLAC support
–with-libid3tag use libid3tag for mp3 id3 tag support
–with-sbsms use libsbsms for pitch and tempo changing
–with-soundtouch use libSoundTouch for pitch and tempo changing
–with-libvamp use libvamp for Vamp plug-in support [default=yes]
–with-libtwolame use libtwolame for MP2 export support
–with-ffmpeg use ffmpeg for import and export support
–with-midi use portSMF for Midi support
–with-portmixer compile with PortMixer [default=yes]