Linux Vs windows

I have Audacity on various devices. My devices have Linux mint or a separate windows OS… why is Audacity so sluggish, sticky, slow on the Linux OS but when I use the same Audacity eg 3.3.3 on windows it’s smooth, fast, responsive. On Linux it’s pretty useless. Why?

I would guess because the official Linux binary for this program has only existed for a couple of years. It’s relatively new. Linux does not work with audio and executables in the same manner that Windows does, so getting a program to run the same way on a new platform takes time. I would also guess that Linux users might not make up a larger portion of the entire userbase, so development may be even slower.

Thanks for that. Maybe your Two guesses are correct. I’ve not heard of any other moans about this though. Are no other Linux users using Audacity? This is not an issue for other folks? Bizarre.
Maybe it would not be an issue if I was using modern up to date machines in the first place. I don’t know but it is what it is and very frustrating…
Who’s to blame, the Linux side or the Audacity side?

I used Audacity in Linux. I’ve used it for many years. Always on Debian, running the version compiled by Debian and provided on Debian official repos.

I’m still using 2.4.2 though, since I haven’t upgraded to the latest Debian release on the machine where I usually use Audacity.

The current Debian stable release offers Audacity 3.2.4, but I haven’t tested that yet.

I don’t know about Mint. How did you install Audacity on Mint? I recommend you use the version provided by Mint from their official repo.

I’ve installed Mint directly from their site but thinking about it if installed Audacity from the Audacity website, which is 3.3.3 BUT from the Linux software repos the version to install is 2.4 something. Maybe I would be better removing 3.3.3 and installing the one from the repos.
Issue with this though is the add ons for Audacity for Lame and fmpeg which don’t seem to fit with the older Audacity, particularly fmpeg.

I have dual boot, Windows and Linux Mint. The latest Audacity is an appimage, not an installation. I find that Audacity in Mint is just as responsive as in Windows. I’m not, however, a Linux wizard who can give you all the whys and wherefores, though. I believe that both versions are 3.3.3. (I’m booted into Windows, now, so I’m going from memory.) Perhaps uninstall and then reinstall?

Yes your correct. My Audacity on Linux OS are appimage 3.3.3 should that make issues? No I’m sure. My dual boot pc with win 10 and mint has Audacity on both OS but the Linux Audacity is very difficult. Another PC with Mint on it also has a poor responding Audacity program so I’m a bit lost with this. I have to blame Linux for this, I’m finding it more bother than it’s worth being a Ten month old newcomer to the OS.

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