Links to your Audacity recordings?

Is it okay to post links to our original music recordings recorded with Audacity? Do you guys do this here or elsewhere on the forum? I’ve used Audacity in the past but not for a long time until the other night and I was very pleased with the simplicity and audio quality of my recording. Would love to hear others’ recordings here.

This is my take, not an “official line”, and does not necessarily reflect the views of other people involved with Audacity or this forum.

Yes you can but we (the forum moderators) don’t tend to encourage it because we already get about a thousand spam posts each week to deal with and if users are posting links to other sites we need to check them out in our battle against spam which all takes time.

There is a page on the Audacity wiki for posting links to music made with Audacity, but it’s not very user friendly.

It would be nice to have a page somewhere specifically for people to showcase their work with Audacity, but it would need someone with the time and inclination to moderate it as it would probably become a big magnet for spam.

Another alternative would be to set up a separate website specifically for the purpose and place a link to it here:

Basically I think it is a really good idea to have an Audacity “showcase”, but I’m not sure of the best way of doing it - any ideas?