links/tips/advice for better voice isolation (used search/youtube/faq)

im looking for resources to better isolate voices in audio tracks, they may be mono or stereo. i used the faq/google searched for days/and youtube for help, but i struggle to make the voice clear with noise reduction and eq adjustments. are there any filters i may try? any guidance to better my knowledge is greatly appreciated.


I have downloaded any plug in that i could find on this site and a few suggestions found on youtube/google searches. Im about to foot the bill for professional help or software.

As a side note I do produce music with Ableton Live. I use a few midi devices like the Push, Fighter 3D, MPC and a few keyboards. Getting the voices from tracks or any kind of recording is the next step to the creation process. I have a few hundred hours of my grandfather playing his Ukulele for people, family etc. I value being able to do things myself so having any kind of knowledge on how to do things is my forte.

Looking to pay it forward.


There’s some information here that may help:
but please note that if the voice is buried below a sea of noise, then “extracting” or “isolating” the voice to any significant degree is probably impossible.

It sometimes helps if you reduce the level of very low frequencies (below about 120 Hz) and very high frequencies (above about 7000 Hz). You can do that with the Equalization effect: