Linking with Lame

I have downloaded Audacity and made a recording but cannot save it without downloading Lame. I have downloaded three times now but it is not recognised by the file on audacity and so I cannot save the file.

Can anyone advise me please what I should do?

Many thanks


We need more information. What version of Audacity? What version of OS X? What version of LAME? How and where did you install LAME?

Have you followed all the instructions on this FAQ page?

– Bill

Audacity “saves” Audacity projects. Audacity “exports” audio files.

You can save an Audacity project, or export a WAV file, or an AIFF. or an Ogg, Flac or MP2 without Lame. Lame is only required to export MP3 files. Do you specifically need to export as MP3 rather than any other format?