link songs into one session

I need to link about 70 songs -linked one after another- without silence in between (mixing 3-4 seconds) and then record all of them as a one song (one session) into a cd … anyone knows how are the steps to do it? thankss

I know you want a one-click solution, but Audacity doesn’t have Append > Import and in any event, that will not give you the beginning/end song overlap.

You can do it manually.

You can import all the songs one at a time and they will stack one above the other. Select each one and use the Time Shift Tool (two sideways black arrows) to push number two so it starts after number one. Then push number three until it starts after one and two. Repeat 69 times.

I think there’s a way to automatically apply a cross-fade, but I need to look that one up.


I’m prompted to remind you that an Audio CD will only hold 78 minutes of music and it can’t be changed other than some authoring programs will do 79.

You can do this extended play trick with MP3 and a Data CD, but those will not play in your mum’s car, older music systems or portable CD players.


There is a plug-in here that will append-import WAV and AIFF files (but strictly end-to-end without overlap): Append Import .

Audacity 2.0.4 now has Tracks > Align Tracks > Align End to End, which would at least put the imported tracks end to end. Whether it saved you time over doing it manually, I don’t know.


thanks!! If you find the way to automatically apply a cross-fade please let me know…and also if you knew any other software with a one-click solution…regards

There is a plug-in available here that may be of use:
If you have questions about that plug-in, please ask in that topic - the author of that plug-in is more likely to find your post there.

(Thank you Steve.)
You can as well post any questions here–I am the author.
In principle, the plug-in is actually written for the described scenario. All you have to do is to import the songs, start the plug-in, enter the overlap time (-3 or -4 s) and choose a cross-fade type.
However, I wouldn’t process all songs at once, rather 2 to 5 at a time (and mix&render the result). It depends on the resources and the computer power you have.

Actually there have been several votes to add a feature to Align End to End to adjust the track overlap. Hence I forgot Robert’s plug-in (sorry, Robert).

I’d probably remember more of the plug-ins if they got onto the Wiki.


No problem.
I actually want to rebuild this plug-in implementing the new help system of the 2D Stereo Tool that we have loosely agreed on.
There are also some speed improvements pending (especially on Linux).