Link for Binaural Tones with surf 2

I just downloaded the 2.4.2 version of audacity,successfully. And I tried to download from the link for Binaural tones with surf 2 and this link (bitone2.ny) Download | MP3 example clip
did not work for me. Has anyone else had this issue or has the process for creating binaural tones changed? Any assistance is appreciated. Thx!!

There’s recently been some maintenance work on the server and it appears that some links got broken in the process. I’ll need to locate the original file so that I can fix the link. This may take some time. I’ll post back here when it’s fixed (probably tomorrow).

Thanks for the quick reply and timeline!!

Here’s the plug-in that you wanted:
BITONE2.NY (15.5 KB)
Note that this is a very old plug-in, but as far as I’m aware it should still work with modern versions of Audacity.

and here is the original documentation for the plug-in:

I’ve not yet been able to upload these to the Audacity wiki as the System Administrator is still completing the maintenance work. I’ll fix the links on the wiki as soon as I get the go ahead from the SysAdmin.

The links on the Audacity wiki are now working again.