Link Excel to Audacity to control its tone generator?

I wish to control a tone generator from a cell in an Excel spreadsheet, so that the audio frequency output changes as the spreadsheet cell value changes. I also want to play the tone in real time. Would I be right in thinking that this cannot be done in Audacity because you must first create a track before you can play it? I know that Excel has the ability to link a cell to another application using its DDE (dynamic data exchange) but I do not have the ability to write code. ANy suggestions would be welcome.



Audacity does not do anything in real time.

Want to learn?

“Nyquist” is an easy scripting language built into Audacity.

Install Audacity 1.3.8, and check that it is working.
Create a track and select about 1 second of the (empty) track.

Open the “Nyquist Prompt” from the Effects Menu.
Enter the following code into the Nyquist Prompt box:

(play (osc 60 2.0))

Press “OK”.

See here for more information: