Link audio with video

I’m recently exporting snippets of audio from a video file.

The video files are all 30 min long and instead of just staring on the blue waves, I was hoping for a feature that would play a video as well.

I’m not cutting or editing the video, I only “export selected audio”.

Switching to a video editing software is also not a solution, since for once exporting/rendering would be slower and second you usually can’t zoom into the waves that much.

Dunno if it is possible or if there is already an add-on.
It doesn’t even need to be a high resolution video, I just want sth graphical to make my working a bit more endurable.

Thanks in advance

you usually can’t zoom into the waves that much.

Mostly because video sound editing is clamped to the video framerate. Most of the time you want to get the sound away from the video so you can do precise, delicate editing—and then push them back together again when you get what you want.

So that’s the problem you’re going to have with video cues in Audacity. Suppose you edit out a frame boundary? You’re going to be stuck with two television frames worth of blue waves anyway.

I don’t know of any good way to do that in Audacity.