Line out from tape player connection to iMac to obtain sound

Hello, just joined. I have a reel reel tape player Akai 4000D with line out connections, how do I get the sound from this into audacity using iMac that has USB or thunderbolt? Thank you

If your computer doesn’t have a regular soundcard with line-in you need a USB audio interface with line inputs. Line-in is usually color-coded blue on a PC soundcard, but I don’t know about the Mac. (Most laptops only have mic-in and headphone-out.)

The Behringer UCA202 is popular and relatively inexpensive. (The UCA202 doesn’t have a recording level control, which can occasionally sometimes be an issue.)

I have an ART USB Phono Plus, which has switchable line/phono inputs and a level control.

Or there are lot of higher-end audio interfaces with switchable mic/line inputs. (They work with “pro” stage/studio microphones, not computer mics.)

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