Line in Won't Record in Stereo

Hi. I have a Korg N364 synth and am taking jacks from left and right then plugging them into a stereo jack adaptor and into the blue line-in insert on the back of my PC. There is only a signal going to the left channel even though I have stereo selected on audacity.
Also when playing through speakers on PC I only hear sound on the left. I realize that the mic input is mono which may be the reason for that but why is line-in not giving me a stereo signal?
When I choose mono it comes from both speakers.

Do the plugs on your cable that goes into the stereo jacks have only one ring? If so they are mono.

Have you pushed the stereo adaptor firmly into the line in?

If you are on Windows Vista or later, is the line-in set to stereo in Windows Sound? Right-click over the speaker icon by the system clock, then choose “Recording Devices”. Right-click over the line-in then choose “Properties”. Then click the “Advanced” tab and look at Default Format.

Please see information in pink above about the correct place to ask for help.


Sorry, Gale, is this the wrong place for the question? I thought it was correct because I’m recording. Sorry about that.

It’s the “wrong” place because most times we can’t help properly without knowing what operating system the enquirer is on. You still haven’t told us, so if you need more help please say whether it’s Windows Vista or whatever, and what you tried out of the suggestions I made.


Ok, sorry about that. I’m using Vista for Windows. I have checked the cables and properties and they are correct. I decided to buy a Lexicon alpha and go into the PC through USB and I have the signal now.
Thanks for the help, Gale.