line in volume too high (SOLVED)

I’m using XP and Audacity V2, trying to convert an LP to digital. The phono is going through a receiver, then to “line in” on my Sound Blaster sound card. I have done this may times in the past, but now I’m getting too much volume in, red line all the way, hugh distortion. I have tried using the input slide, and I have adjusted the line in volume of the Windows audio properties. The input volume does not respond in any way to any changes I have made.

This problem also occurred on the old Audacity version.

i have recently installed Finale 2012 (also have 2001 installed). They work OK and I haven’t found any connection between finale and line in volume. there is a lot I don’t know.


Are you sure that you are using a “Line in” connection and not a “Mic in” connection on the computer? (On Desktop/tower computers the Line input is often colour coded light blue).

Thanks, Steve, you got it in one. A few months ago I added some RAM. I guess I put it back together wrong. I feel like a dork, but I forgive me.