line in very low and noisy

i’m running a mic [thru booster pedal] to mixer and on to pc. works fine with headphones to mixer, but recording in audacity is silly quiet and heavily distorted - when i shout down it i get a signal to audacity but not a clear one…

i’m using windows 7 and the line in record level is already set to 100.

thanks for any help,.

What’s the computer, mixer, and which mixer connection are you using? Details.

Also, tell us what version of Windows you are running.

I assume you have the mixer’s line-output connected to your soundcard’s line-in? And, you’ve selected the line-input as your recording source?

i’m running a mic [thru booster pedal] to mixer

Since the headphone-out from your mixer sounds OK, I assume that’s OK… But, I’ve never heard of a mic booster pedal… A good performance/studio microphone with an XLR connector into a mixer (with a matching XLR input) or into a proper mic preamp shouldn’t need any boost…

BTW - If you want to do any high-quality recording, you should avoid the mic-input on your computer altogether. It’s generally low quality (noisy) and it’s simply the wrong interface for any performance/studio mic, which will have a balanced-low-impedance connection.

windows 7.

yes and yes.

well idk if i tried it with the mixer’s pre-amp but anyway i’m getting a headphone signal from the mixer so that’s not what is wrong…

thanks for the info - i had no idea about that!!