Line in problem

hello, I have been trying to record a dj mix. I have a line out from my mixer running into my mic input,(using a vista laptop). I have looked at all the audacity wikis and tutorials but cant seem to change my mic input to line in. I have tried updating drivers but still no luck. I cant understand why my line in option isnt showing up. I have tried everything on the tutorials including making sure it shows disconnected devices in the sound device menu.

Could someone please help me as it is beginning to get quite frustrating!

Thanks in advance.

Many PC laptop computers do not have a “Line in”. Most have a microphone input, but that’s about 1000 x too sensitive (and often only mono), and some have an audio input that can switch from microphone level to line level. It is only usually Mac laptops that have a proper line level input, but they don’t have a microphone input.

If your laptop has the ability to accept a line level input, you may need to enable it in the Windows Control Panel. See here for details;

If your laptop does not have a Line level input, then one option is to buy a USB audio device that has line level in. I have a cheap Behringer UCA 202 and it is way better than the line input on my laptop. Another one that has had good reviews is the Edirol UA-1EX.