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I was recording with my tv card today, which plugs into the line in port of the soundcard (SB Live) and I was attempting to use my microphone to record in audacity some commentary at the same time, now it recorded what i wanted from audacitys side of things, but it ALSO recorded my commentary on the tv card video, which I didnt want to happen, because I want to be able to change the volume of the commentary when i need to. Is there a way of blocking or splitting the audio or is there some other trick to this?

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Your computer has only one sound system, so the “trick” is to record one thing at a time.
Record the TV thing first, then record your commentary after (as a new Audacity track).

thanks for your reply, I was hoping to do “live” commentary.

Basically what i wanted to do was some gameplay vids and reviews etc and record the game through the tv card and then add the audio of the commentary in the editing program after, but the only way i can do that at the moment is through my android phone, or use my other computer or laptop for recording the audio, which is not very practical for space and plug sockets.

I have read about Virtual sound cards, but i dont see how they could help the situation, and the manuals are not easy to follow along with. Is there something that just splits the line in and mic ports?

The way to do live commentary is as you have said - use a second computer.

As you’ve not said what operating system you are using, I’m guessing that you’re using some version of Windows?

If you use Linux, you could use the Jack audio system and play the gameplay through “Pulse Audio Jack Sink”, and record that simultaneously with the sound card input, but I don’t think that Windows has any built-in way of doing that.

It may be possible on Windows by using a virtual sound card (for example “Virtual Audio Cable”). The way that you would do it would be to set Audacity to record multiple channels from the virtual sound card and you would set both your TV output and your microphone to output to different inputs on the virtual sound card. I’ve never tried this so I don’t know if it would work.

Thanks, yeah using xp, dont know why i forgot to mention that. I think JACK has a windows port, or at least i saw something on the website about one, wether thats been made or its a to do list kinda thing i dont know, I have looked at VAC but i couldnt figure out the manual of that one. I will try them and see i guess, as the other comp is my gf’s and i dont think she’d be happy me hijacking it for that when she has work to do LOL

cheers for all the help!