Line-in low volumes

Sources are Planar3/RB300/Linn K9/CA640P or Yamaha KX800. Sound Card ASUS Xoner SE on 64bit Windows 10 pc. (sound card added fof SPDIF output)

RCA to 3.5mm 1 metre basic cable to Line In (mauve input; farthest from optical output on back plane - as per ASUS installation guide)

ASUS consul Line and SPDIF (toslink to DACmagic/obh21SE) checked. Windows Sound settings shows input as Xoner line in, output SPDIF; both 100% volume.

However when recording in Audacity, from either source, recorder levels are very low and volume knob on obh21SE nearly at full for good volume on headphones, when playing back from Audacity.

I also tried the built in line-in, blue socket, on the motherboard; better volume than the ASUS.

Screen shots of of both recordings in Audacity and ASUS consul settings

You can use the Amplify effect after recording.

Your levels are probably acceptable, especially since you have a 24-bit soundcard. Just for reference, pros often record around -12 to -18dB, and too-high levels are worse than too-low levels because if you clip your analog-to-digital converter you can’t fix the clipping.

If you have a headphone output you can use that into line-in and you’ll probably get ore signal.

Thank you.

Amplify did the trick.

Now recording some LPs; be trying to remove noise.