Windows 10 Pro, Audacity 3.0.2, Effects, Limiter, Limiter 2, Installed, Enabled, But Not Working?

Do you have any custom effects installed?

What are the symptoms? Have you tried an “extreme” setting?

What are your settings? What are your peaks before & after limiting?*

…The regular limiter may not “appear” to be working if you’re using make-up gain.

(I’ve never tried Limiter II.)


  • The quickest way to accurately check the peaks is with the Amplify effect. i.e. If Amplify defaults to +3dB your peaks are currently -3dB. If it defaults to 0dB (no change) your peaks are currently 0dB. (Or if you have ACX-check installed it will also report the peaks.)

Несколько раз сносил и устанавливал заново. На вновь установленной программе, настройки по умолчанию - не работает. На иконке лимитера кнопка прослушать также не рабочая. Скачал другой лимитер, установил, работает.

Google translate:
Several times demolished and reinstalled. On a newly installed program, the default settings do not work. On the limiter icon, the listen button is also not working. I downloaded another limiter, installed it, it works.