Limiter not working

Hi guys,

I’ve been having some problems with trying to apply the Limiter effect in my audio track. I select my track, and apply but nothing happens.

I’ve tried editing the same audio in another computer and it worked. I tried it in my computer with an older version of Audacity and also didn’t work.

The other effects, such as Equalizer and Noise Reduction, are working just fine!

Have someone had the same problem or have a suggestion on how to solve it?

(I’m using the latest Audacity version).


Exactly how are you testing it? How do know it’s not working?

For example, run the Amplify effect and accept the default. That will get your peaks to 0dB.

Run the Limiter set to Hard Limit at -10dB with no makeup gain. You’ll probably see the limiting.

If you run Amplify again it should default to +10dB, confirming that the limiter is working.

The audiobook processing suite runs a loudness normalizer first and then runs limiter. Same idea. Some of these tools don’t much like working by themselves. You need to put your performance volume somewhere and then limit it.

Are all the limiter settings the same between the two machines?

What’s the show? Why do you need the limiter?


I thought I had the SAME problem,
BUT it was ONLY a mater of the SCALE of the audio-Track which is from -0,5 to 0,0 and up to 0,5.
I make the mistake to think, THAT are db-values. There are NOT! (I dont know what values there are…)
BUT if you click on the Track-Name (with the black triagle, pointing down), and change the scale to waveform (db), than the scale shows db-values.
So, the trick to set Limiter to max (-10.0 db) showed me: It IS working :wink:
and I can go on with my work…!