Limiter effects works on only one chanell

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I have such problem on my Audacity, that when I add Limiter effect on track it works only on one(first on top, left) chanell. But, i. e. if I set limit db to -0.30 and Input Gain +3.00db, it cuts normal both chanells on -0.30db, but gain +3db only on first chanell.

I uses Audacity 2.1.3 on Win10, tracks: mp3.

Anny ideas why it is happens and what to do?

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Is it a real stereo show? There’s one panel to the left of both tracks?
Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 17.04.19.png
Are the blue waves on the top track taller than the ones on the bottom? If they are, they will take over the limiter activity.


On Audacity’s native limiter there are separate gain controls for the Left and Right channels …
seperate L & R gain.png
If you want equal gain on both channels the number needs to be the same in both those Input Gain boxes.

OK, that was not to smart. :blush: :laughing: Thanks guys. :nerd: Solved.

This is a little off-topic, but…

tracks: mp3.

You may already know this, but your file (probably) won’t “stay” limited to -0.3dB if you re-compress to MP3. (You’ll see that if you re-open the MP3.)

MP3 is lossy compression which means the wave shape changes, with some peaks increasing and others decreasing. The new highest-dB peak is unpredictable, but it will be “worse” (higher) if the file has been “artificially” limited before MP3 encoding.

…MP3s “ripped” from CDs often go over 0dB. CDs are hard-limited to 0dB, but MP3s are not. MP3s can go over 0dB without clipping, but your DAC will clip at 0dB if you play the file at full-digital volume. (I’ve never heard of a case where this slight clipping was audible.)

Yes thats correct, I just checked this. There are less peaks than before, but there are few.
Yes MP3 compression isn’t perfect, but allows me to write 3 days confferences into one CD. I heven’t found better way yet. I download MP3 from olympus stereo recorder, and cut them to right pieces, doing some little mastering during that. It’s quickest and easest way i found.

Thanks for Your feedback :slight_smile: